The trap

Director: Marina Danezi
Running time: 24’ - Greece, 2009

Director’s Bio

Marina Danezi was born in Athens, in 1982. She studied mathematics at the University of Athens and dramatics at “Delos School”, under the direction of Demetra Chatoupi. During the last few years, she has been working as an actress in both theatre and cinema.

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Marina Danezi
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The Trap


The Pirate of Time

Script, Director: Marina Danezi


Production: Nikos Triantafillides, Marina Danezi


Director of Photography: Yiannis Haritides


Music: Kostis Zouliates


Editor: Yiorgos Georgopoulos



When you are caught, unsuspectingly, in The Trap, it is almost certain that the end has come. “The Trap” is a documentary film about the restitution of disabled / handicapped people. A glance at psychiatric institutions (operating as storages of human beings) and endangered guest houses, during Christmas time in Athens of the year 2009.
Our hero, Dionysis, is 34 years old and lives with his mother. He is quadriplegic and suffers from a slight mental retardation. He loves Sunday “strolls”, singing, talking on the phone and secretly drinking Coca Cola.
His future is uncertain. In his own words: “Today’s society is a very tough place to live in. Alright, our parents will eventually pass, but what is left for us the children, to see?”

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