The ancient Ostrakon

Director: Nikos Alevras
Running time: 22’ - Greece, 2010

Director’s Bio

Nikos Alevras cannot be described. He is earth, water, air, but above all he is constantly burning fire. Everything else is nonsense. Studies, papers, knowledge, and prizes are all useless, fit only for buzzing bugs to play with.

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Νikos Alevras
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Director: Nikos Alevras


Production: Lallouda


Script, Camera: Nikos Alevras


Production director, Assistant Director: Maria Skoula


Editor: Εleftheria Yiambria, Yiannis Ntarides


Music: Sakis Tsilikis



How and why are Ancient Greek words, Ancient Greek notions, and Ancient Greek philosophy still prevalent in our lives, 2,500 years on? Why is a piece of baked clay, an ostrakon—which derives from the Ancient Greek word for bone—the hardest material on earth? How is earth transformed into bone to protect one's brain? Was Heraclitus right when he wrote "Everything flows"? The questions above are all posed and answered in the film.

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