Skin and bone

Director: Philip M. Magcalas
Running time: 35’ - USA, 2009

Director’s Bio

"Skin and Bone" is writer/director Philip M. Magcalas' second short film, based on his own experiences working in healthcare. Philip's first foray into filmmaking was the 2007 short “The Quarter-Life Crisis”. As co-founder of Boston's Milk and Cookie Productions, he also works on the web-tv show, "The Presidentials," while focusing on his studies as a medical student. Philip is currently in pre-production on a documentary to film in the summer of 2010.

Contact Director
Philip Magcalas

Festival-Screenings - Awards

COMMFFEST (Global) Community Film Festival, Toronto, Canada


Rainier Independent Film Festival, Ashford, Washington


BridgeFest International Film Festival, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia

2009 Skin and Bone
2007-2008 The Presidentials, Comedy Web TV Show
2007 The Quarter-Life Crisis, Short Comedy Drama

Director: Philip M. Magcalas


Production: Lucy Magcalas


Editor: Philip M. Magcalas


Original Music:  Jason Rozen,  Elijah Ebenezer Wyman, Erik Neave



“Skin and Bone” is a project borne out of appreciation for the inherently dramatic nature of working in healthcare. In this film, the focus is on a cardiac catheterization lab, where heart attacks and vascular defects are treated every day. Though very much fictional, it is meant to provide a more realistic and meaningful perspective of the doctors, nurses, technologists, and visiting researchers who all play an integral role in our experience during times of illness. I think there is something very unique and honest about how people interact when another is in a state of urgency. This film spotlights the crucial network of ordinary people who spend their lives working in times which, for so many, are distinctly extraordinary.

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Lucy Magcalas
Producer/Milk and Cookie Productions
Boston, Massachusetts
Tel: 617-297-2909