Side effects

Director: George Gortsos,  Anthi Apostolou
Running time: 5’ - Greece, 2010

Director’s Bio

They were born in 1976 and 1980 respectively. Currently, they live and work in Athens. They have worked together in producing short films of fiction and documentaries. Also, they have participated in film festivals.

Contact Director
Gortsos Giorgos, Apostolou Anthi
Tel: +302110100616

2007 Ariadne's clew
2008 Νileas
2008 Skyrian  Horse
2009 Pros  Petrais  Elymniais

Directing, Photography, Editing, Sound design, Animation: George Gortsos,  Anthi Apostolou


Production: Dimitris Vafeiadis , Eleftheria Dimitritsi, Feet Pictures



Each cause has an effect and each effect has a side effect.
What impact do our activities have on the human microcosm, as well as on our environment?

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Gortsos Giorgos, Apostolou Anthi
Feet Pictures
Varvaki 17 - Αthens
Tel: 2110100616