Rosmarinus Officinalis

Director: Andreas Siadimas
Running time: 20’ - Greece, 2008

Director’s Bio

Andreas Siadimas has been working as a Director of Photography for documentaries and commercials for the past ten years. In 2005 he established his own production company Dangerous Productions, which focuses on the production of short films and music videos. As a photographer he has been involved in personal and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. For the past 2 years he has been regularly collaborating with the Film Department of Aristotle University of Thessalonica.

Contact Director
Andreas Siadimas
Tel: +30 6944973009

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Short Films Festival, Drama, Greece


Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece


Planet in Focus, Toronto

2009 Encounters Short Film Festival – Bristol

London Greek Film Week - UK


AZA Short Film Festival, Thessaloniki


Filmets Bandalona, Spain

Director: Andreas Siadimas


Acting: Petros Fissoun, Nikos Georgakis, Athina Maximou


Script: Stella Kavadatou


Director of photography: Ilias Adamis


Production design: Nikos Dimitriades


Sound: Vaggelis Zelkas


Editor: Konstantinos Topalis


Sets: Dimitris Dimitropoulos



"In the wrong hands, remedy becomes poison".
Summer in Crete. A local old man meets a young couple. He will reveal to them the secrets of the circle of life through the power of nature. Their path will change forever. Can a herb be a gift of life and a curse of death at the same time?

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