Director: Dimitris Bavellas
Running time: 8’ - Greece , 2010

Director’s Bio

Dimitris Bavellas was born in Neos Kosmos, Athens. He studied film direction at the Stavrakos Film School in Athens, Greece. He has directed several short films, documentaries, video clips, tv shows and corporate videos. He also took an MA in Film and Moving Image Production (specialization Film Direction) at the Northern Film School in Leeds, UK.

Contact Director
Dimitris Bavellas
Megalou Alexandrou 17,
Nea Smyrni 171 21, Athens Greece
Tel: 0030 6938 612434
E-mail: tziga3@yahoo.com

Festival-Screenings - Awards

21st Panhellenic Convention on Aids, Thessaloniki

2010 Positive?
2009 Behind the Curtain



Guardian Angelo

2002 Crash Test
2001 Agoraphobia

Director, Script: Dimitris Bavellas


Dialogues: Dimitris Bavellas, Maria Kehagioglou, Myrto Lontorfou


Producer: Kiriakos Hatzimichailides


Director of Photography: Yiannis Fotou


Acting: Maria Kehayioglou, Mirto Lodorfou, Maria Branidou, Stathis Kokkoris


Editor, Sound design: Stamatis Magoulas


Music: GAD


Sound:  Dimitris Kanellopoulos, Orestis Kamperides


Set, Costumes: Christina-Katerina Manolakou



Thalia and Eve are wandering in a hospital. Not just for fun but because they have to receive a very important medical examination that Eve has recently taken. Their mood is not the best. The news they are awaiting will possibly not be great.
While they wander in this hostile environment, a series of well hidden secrets come to the foreground. Some are of minor and other of major, crucial importance.
Eventually, what matters is the sad conclusion that no one can be considered above suspicion, especially when it comes to issues that deal with passion and lust. After all, humans are the one who make the worst mistakes.

World sales
Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis
Plataion 39, Kerameikos 104 35, Athens
Tel: 0030 210 3461018 / 0030 6944851818
E-mail: info@t-short.gr
Web Site: http://www.t-short.gr