Kiran, joy of giving

Director: Umesh Aggarwal
Running time: 11’ - India, 2009

Director’s Bio

Umesh Aggarwal, after graduating from Delhi University, started working with Indian Television industry in 1985. He learnt his craft on the job. It was in 1991 that he started directing television shows and films. During last 19 years of his career as an independent producer & director he has been associated with more than 4000 hours of television software.

Contact Director
Umesh Aggarwal
A – 275, Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024
Tel: 91-09811026734

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Indian Television Academy Award 2002 & 2005


Indian Telly award 2005 & 2007


Incurable India


Underground Inferno


Divided Colors of A nation

2004 The Whistle Blowers

Dew & Dew Drop


Mother – A film on Mother Teresa

Script, Director: Umesh Aggarwal


Editor, Associate Director: Naveen Samhotra


Executive Producer: Rajesh Aggarwal


Music: Sawan Dutta


Camera: Mohd. Jamshed Khan



Anshu Gupta – An incident of gross sanitary neglect that claimed the life of a young girl in a small city in North India, changed the direction of Anshu Gupta’s life forever. He quit his job to find some viable solutions to India’s rural women’s most basic sanitary need. The result is his strong organisation Goonj (Echo), which collects donated clothes and processes them into sanitary napkins, which are then distributed in the rural areas of 21 states across India.

After the death of her husband due to lack of medical facilities, Subhashini Mistry was left with 3 kids to bring up and one mission to fulfil – she swore that someday she would start a charity hospital. It took her a long time and effort but, finally, made the impossible possible. Their Humanity Hospitals in – and Sunderbans today treat thousands of poor patients in West Bengal.

World sales
Dr. Aruna Sharma
Doordarshan Bhawan, Copurnicus Marg, Mandi House
New Delhi 110001
Tel: +91-11-23388159