It’s still me

Director: Candy Kugel, Vincent Cafarelli
Running time: 17’ - USA, 2009

Director’s Bio

Vincent Cafarelli and Candy Kugel have worked together since the mid 1970's. They are (along with Marilyn Kraemer) principals of Buzzco Associates, Inc. Co-Creative Director Vincent Cafarelli worked as a professional animator/animation director at all of the major studios in New York since the 1950's. Candy Kugel joined Vincent in the mid-70's, where she worked on many commercials and made over 100 one-minute films for NBC's news show. Since 1984, as Buzzco Associates, they have continued to produce programs for television, independent projects and many commercials.

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Candy Kugel

Festival-Screenings - Awards

DC Independent FIlm Festival


It’s Still Me! A Guide for People with Aphasia & Their Loved Ones


dEVOLUTION, ooooh I Love My Coffee!



2005 What I Want

Command Z


InBetweening America


(it was...) Nothing at All


KnitWits Revisited 1987  A Warm Reception in L.A

Directed, Designed: Candy Kugel, Vincent Cafarelli


Executive Producer: Marilyn Kraemer


Narrator: Allison Janney


Animation: Vincent Cafarelli, Rick Broas, Bryon Moore, Candy Kugel


Script: Candy Kugel



"It’s Still Me!” is a 17-minute guide for people with aphasia and their loved ones, in order to help them learn how to communicate with each other more effectively. It explains what aphasia is, some basic brain function, how it feels to have aphasia, and demonstrates some ways to communicate without words. It acknowledges that the loss of words is devastating, both for those who have aphasia and for the people around them. More importantly, it also holds out hope for a rich and fulfilling future.

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