Forget Me Nots

Director: Dempsey Rice
Running time: 17’ - USA, 2010

Director’s Bio

Dempsey Rice is a documentary filmmaker and artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her films are the avenues through which she explores the core issues that compel her to create: family, personal history, story, connection, loss, legacy, memory and ideas of home. In addition to her own creative work, Dempsey’s company Start Up Media creates videos for artists, authors and technology start-ups.
Dempsey is currently a Brooklyn Arts Council Artist in Residence at the Council Center for Senior Citizens in Midwood, Brooklyn where she is working with seniors to create short documentaries.
As a survivor of suicide, Dempsey is committed to advocating for a proven, effective suicide prevention plan in the United States. To that end, she is part of the public private partnership that makes up the New York State Suicide Prevention Council.

Contact Director
Dempsey Rice
Tel: 001-917-833-0903

Festival-Screenings - Awards



7th NYC Downtown Short Film Festival


Artsfest Film Festival


Twin Rivers Media Festival


London International Documentary Film Festival


Davis Film Festival


Taos Shortz Film Festival


Forget Me Nots


Body Job



2001 The Infinite Mind (Radio)

Daughter of Suicide

Production, Director: Dempsey Rice


Editor: Kristen Nutile, Linda Hattendorf


Audio Post Production, Mix: Peter Fitzpatrick


Camera: Jim Denault, Joia Speciale, Dempsey Rice, Cynthia Wade



FORGET ME NOTS is a film about remembering.
The act of remembering is so intrinsic to our experience that we usually don’t even notice it, we get to and from work, we drive to the grocery store, we recognize our family, and in this way we are able to navigate through our days. On a more profound level, remembering is the key to our identity – it opens doors through which we access the stories and experiences that make up our lives. FORGET ME NOTS acts as a turnkey that opens viewers to the glimpses of the people, places and ideas that make up our remembrances but it also challenges the very nature of those remembrances. Memory is not fixed; it is an ephemeral, mutable thing that is in flux. FORGET ME NOTS can begin to build bridges and solidify connections between communities and people, with one’s self, with the past and across generations.

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Dempsey Rice
572A 17th Street; Brooklyn, NY 11218
Tel: 001-917-833-0903