Father’s finger

Director: Yang, Shih-Yi
Running time: 17’ - Taiwan, 2008

Director’s Bio

Yang, Shih Yi currently is a student of Graduate School of Applied Media art at National Taiwan University of Arts. He hopes to share the moving moments of life through film-making.

Contact Director
Yang, Shih-Yi
10F.-4, No.153, Cheng-gong Rd., Sanchong City,
Taipei County 241, Taiwan
E-mail: xman4147@yahoo.com.tw

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Taiwan International Children’s TV& Film Festival


Taipei Film Festival --Golden Lion Award For Students.


4th InDPanda International Short Film Festival

2009 International Short Film Festival

Director, Scriptwriter, Editor: Yang, Shih-Yi


Producer: Tzeng, Hank-Shian


Art Director:  Lee Wai-Huan


Sound: Huang, Sin-Jhe


Cinematographer: Shen, Ke-Shang


Music:  Tsai, Yao-Jen



Ever since I remembered, my dad has never held my hand. We somehow always keep some distance with each other. My dad has lost one of his fingers before…one palm with four fingers, it is hard to ignore. Come to think of all those jobs my dad had, the lost finger is always hunting me. “Perhaps his soul was also fleeing away with that finger”, I thought…“They may wait somewhere and hope to meet his other pieces, or maybe not.” But since dad’s getting older and older each day, the thought of his body decaying urges me to learn to hold my dad’s hands from the very beginning…now or never!

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