Famous 4A

Director: Mike Attie
Running time: 20’ - USA, 2009

Director’s Bio

Mike Attie studied Arts and History at the Vassar College, in NY and took a MA in Documentary Film and Video Program in California, in 2009. He has filmed and edited educational videos for the Stanford School of Medicine’s Palliative Care Unit on subjects of patient communication and pain management. He has produced, directed and edited several documentaries and animation videos. He has also worked as Media Strategist where he developed, presented and executed media strategies of major advertising campaigns.

Contact Director
Mike Attie
8813 20th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115
Tel: 001-215-888-6533
E-mail: mikeattie@yahoo.com Web Site: www.famous4a.com

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Nominee – International Documentary Association’s David Wolper Award


Semi-Finalist – Angelus Awards


Official Selection – Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival

2009 Famous 4A

Our Darling Boy


Mr. Mack’s Kitchen

2008 Circus is Life
2008 Hooked:  Philly’s Urban Anglers
2007 Bob’s Knee

Produced, Directed, Photographed, Edited: Mike Attie


Music: Nico Brown


Sound Mix: Dan Olmsted



“In the beginning I hated it. Because I never was locked up like this…not locked up, but stored away.”

'I think what you should do is just mingle, and let the camera roll...'cause this is as close as you can get to death.'

How do you live when you know you have less than six months left?

For people living in 'Famous 4A,' the hospice unit in a Veteran's Administration hospital, life goes on. George tries to reconcile his own faith, while Angel is only happy doing his own laundry. Henry, a WWII vet, wants nothing more than to eat a meal sitting upright.

'Famous 4A' shows how even our most ordinary desires take on new meaning at the end of life. It's about how we hold on to routines and continue to seek out purpose, human connection and, most of all, humor, right into the last moments of life.

World sales
Anthony Sweeney
Icarus Films
32 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 001-718-488-8900
E-mail: anthony@icarusfilms.com