Side by side

Director: Peter Davis
Running time: 47’ - Canada, 1996



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Peter Davis

Director: Peter Davis



HIV/AIDS in Africa has particularly devastated the female population. As a part of the population with very little power in society, they were victims of male habits of promiscuity, which demanded many sexual partners, and thus made wives more liable to infection, an infection that could be passed on to their children. This film documents the efforts of a group of Zimbabwean women who organize to combat the AIDS pandemic through a number of initiatives in education and primary health care. In this film, we follow principally three women as they challenge social mores by talking to high school students, running a writing class with rural women, presenting a play, boarding buses to deliver speeches and invading the strongest bastions of male domination, the beer-halls.

Unfortunately, this documentary was made when there was still a functioning health system in Zimbabwe, albeit inadequate. That system has now collapsed; sadly, two of the three women are now dead of AIDS.