Prisoner of her past

Director: Gordon Quinn
Running time: 57’ - USA, 2010



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Gordon Quinn

Director: Gordon Quinn



On the frigid evening of Feb. 15, 2001, a 69‐year‐old packed her clothes into two shopping bags, put on her coat, locked the door to her Chicago‐area home and fled. Someone was trying to kill her, she told the police officers who found her and the doctors who evaluated her in a hospital. But it would take a year until Sonia’s son, Chicago Tribune jazz critic Howard Reich, received the correct diagnosis: late‐onset Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Prisoner of her past traces Howard’s journey to understand his mother’s little‐known condition and his Herculean efforts to find out what happened to her in the terrible childhood she never discussed. During his investigation, Howard locates relatives he did not know existed. He learns that 12,000 Jews from his mother’s hometown in easternmost Poland were executed, his mother among less than 100 who escaped.