Milk from the goat?

Director: Panagiotis Karantias
Running time: 33’ - Greece,



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Panagiotis Karantias
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Director: Panagiotis Karantias



Waving Fever or Brucellosis is an illness that we particularly come across in Ipeiros, Greece. It affects animals, particularly sheep and cows. The fact is that humans are in danger as well. Those who are lucky enough to have ancestral roots in a village, surely would enjoy drinking milk freshly milked from a goat or eat cheese freshly made by villagers. This however, can result in the spreading of Waving Fever. The solution is the inoculation of animals, the observation of hygiene rules by the cattle-breeders, the regulations by the state authorities and the compliance of the consumers. The film aims towards the education of cattle-breeders and the people of this country. It was filmed in various regions of Greece and it took a long time to complete. From that time to the present, progress has been made and the level of control of the illness is satisfactory.