Let’s get out of here

Director: Stavros  Psillakis
Running time: 35’ - Greece, 2009



Contact Director
Stavros  Psillakis
Tel: + 30 210 6464797
E-mail: spsill@tee.gr

Director: Stavros  Psillakis


Scientific Consultant: George Kokkinakos


Production: KOI. S.P.E. Chania



The Mental Hospital of Chania. An impermeable and totalitarian institution that had lost its therapeutic role. Therapy in this asylum took the form of alienating and subjugating life. It took the form of abandonment from ones domestic and social forms of living. Souda (the asylum) had become synonymous of confinement, punishment and social exclusion.

An unacceptable regime that had nothing to do with therapy, but rather with the violation of human rights and personal freedom, a violation legalized by institutional psychiatry in the name of “treatment”. This barbaric practice that constituted the downfall of psychiatrists and psychiatry had to change. Gradually, a movement constituted by professionals, began to question core principals of institutional psychiatry… the Mental Hospital of Chania had to be shut down and it was.