Hippocrates in Olympia

Director: George Petritsis
Running time: 52’ - Greece , 2002



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George Petritsis
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Director: George Petritsis



Based on Christos Lolas' book "Medical Care During the Ancient Olympics", the documentary begins by searching the nature and quality of the medical services offered at this big athletic event. It is definite that the spirit and the lessons of Hippocrates are present at Olympia. In retrospect, the film takes us to the roots of ancient Greek medicine. The importance that the Greeks gave to health issues and the close links between medicine and religion in ancient Greece are emphasized. The era of traditional medicine, influenced by myths and theological beliefs, started with the worship of Apollo, continued with the worship of Asclepius and the spreading of his sanctuaries all over Greece. Later on, the school of Kos marked the first creative period of scientific medicine, known as Hippocratic medicine. While visiting the Asclepion and the archaeological sites of Kos, we pay homage to Hippocrates,"father"of medicine and to the importance of his school.