Daughter of suicide

Director: Dempsey Rice
Running time: 72’ - USA, 2000



Contact Director
Dempsey Rice
Daughter One Productions, Inc.
572A 17th Street; Brooklyn, NY 11218
Tel: 917‐833‐0903
E-mail: dempsey@dempseyrice.com

Director: Dempsey Rice



I was 18 years old when my mother killed herself and changed my life forever. Her death and my struggle to conquer the effects of her suicide, has informed the fabric of my life ‐ how I see, how I behave, and most importantly, how I feel. I fight the depression that is her legacy to me, commune with others who have suffered the suicide of an important person in their lives, and look for a resolution that I may never find. Daughter of Suicide follows me on a journey to get to know my mother and to understand her death. Throughout the film, I am driven by the desire to find closure and to learn to see her suicide as a source of power in my life rather than a monkey on my back.