A method and place for health

Director: Antonios Liolios
Running time: 6’ - Greece, 2009



Contact Director
Antonios Liolios
Antonios Liolios Media Group
Ag. Patapiou 10 Str
Greece, 59100
Tel: +302331024387
E-mail: aliolios@gmail.com
Web Site: www.antoniosliolios.net

Director: Antonios Liolios



A compilation of various medical topics for the general public presented in a simple, pleasant and often humorous way. The “innovation” is that the physician-presenter does not assume a remote and aloof counselling position; instead, he participates in the whole diagnostic and healing process. By showing the audience how much 5 kilos of fat looks like, by taking a stress test himself and with the use of simple and clear 3D animation, the physician-client relationship is recreated on screen. The result is that the audience is both amused and informed. Medical TV shows can be boring and/or scary. That is exactly what we tried to avoid.