XXL Lives

Director: Tania Pedroni
Running time: 52’ - Italy, 2009

Director’s Bio

Born in Reggio Emilia, graduated in modern literatures and attended the cinema school by Ermanno Olmi. Director for numerous documentaries by the Italian television (for Sat 2000, Telepiù..): “A mezza altezza”, selected for the 18th Torino Film Festival and for the Festival du Cinéma of Duarnenez, “Ritratto di donna con bambina. Particolare” won at the CortoImolaFestival 2002. She realized videos and installations about urban and architectural subjects. Now she is writing for the cinema (“Un tango in cucina” by M. Mazzieri, “L'uomo che verrà” by G. Diritti, winner of the audience prize and jury second prize at Festival del Cinema di Roma).

Contact Director
Tania Pedroni
Via Bolognese, 41
40129 Bologna
Tel: +39 (0)51 362870
E-mail: ta-ni@libero.it

Festival-Screenings - Awards

RAI3 (Italy)


YLE (Finland)


Current TV (Italy)


DBS Satellite Services (Israel)

2009 XXL – Vite extralarge
2007 L’uomo che verrà

Padri. Non solo per un giorno


Prima o poi l’amore arriva

2004 Not only for a piece of land
2002 Not only for a piece of land

Director: Tania Pedroni


D.O.P.: Andrea Dalpian


Editor: Daniele Bonazza, Giusi Santoro


Music: Marco Biscarini, Daniele Furlati


Sound: Riccardo Nanni


Production:  POPCult, Tania Pedroni



Everybody’s beautiful, slim, in shape. It seems in the world everybody has to look like this. Who of us has never fought with too many kilos and a body that doesn’t like? Going on a diet is a fatigue that everybody knows. But for someone this is a more difficult, almost impossible challenge . There’s someone, in fact, that is really far from the reigned beauty model, someone who has not just some more kilos, someone really fat, very fat. How is an extra large life in a world that wants you super-thin and in big shape? The obesity is not diffused only in America where it’s common known there are the extremes and the phenomenon is really visible, but it’s becoming increasingly a sanitary and social emergency even in other western countries (the Italy primarily) that had seemed immune because of their culture and tradition.

World sales
Kathryn Bonnici
4-6 Villa Thoréton - 75015 PARIS
E-mail: kathryn@javafilms.fr

Director’s Statement

The narration has in the centre the stories and people showed together in a point of no return that makes a deep change necessary and with uncertain results. Obesity has also been an occasion to tell one of the contradictions of our time, with aesthetical models of extreme thinness and models of consumption without limits. For me telling this story means to talk about men and women that are part of a submerged continent: pure consumers of goods that don't feel any possibility to be protagonists neither in their own life; a very modern portrait of a diffused condition, but also a way to return dignity and depth to whom had not face, voice, story and destiny.