Sleeping with your head in the oven

Director: Grant Atkins
Running time: 50’ - UK, 2009

Director’s Bio

Grant Atkins lives in the UK, he was born in 1975 and he enjoys living a life of challenge, novelty and change. His studies and professional skills vary. He is a Ninpo Martial Arts Instructor, an Ambulance Care Assistant, for which he has received an award and he is also directing and producing documentaries and music videos. He has studied Content Creation for Broadcasting & New Media.

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Grant Atkins

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2010 The First Autistic Ninja
2009 Sleeping with your head in the oven – The impact of TETRA




2004 Protection – Paper & Textiles
2004 (What) Do you think?

Writer, Director: Grant Atkins


Producer: Hazel Popplewell


Editor: David Vargas-Racero


Sound: Alex May


Music: Mark Crawford


Narrator: Dilly Barlow



We explore the arguments, both political and scientific, underpinned by the experiences of those affected by TETRA. Mandee and Andy are suffering ill health whilst living near the TETRA transmitter masts. Ian's brother, a policeman, died soon after the introduction of the TETRA system in his police force, from a rare cancer. Is there a relationship? Leading Bio-Physicists, Government scientists and the head of the UK's Medical Research Council tackle the claims of ill health from TETRA. Leading politicians give us insight into the government’s preference for money over safety and how they may well be stifling or avoiding the scientific debate.

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Director’s Statement

I am really pleased that my film has been chosen for this festival for two reasons. Firstly, this film is my initial foray into documentary making and being self-funded has taken a great deal of time and patience. I am grateful that it will find an audience amongst professionals who can relate and sympathise with both the content and contributors. Secondly, my Grandmother is from Piraeus and it warms my heart to be able to share it with my distant cousins.
For Evangelia, felakia.