My toxic baby

Director: Min Sook Lee
Running time: 46’ - Canada, 2009

Director’s Bio

Min Sook Lee is an award winning documentary filmmaker. Lee’s first feature El Contrato, produced by the National Film Board of Canada, and broadcast on TVO, was nominated for the Gemini award for Best Social/ Political Documentary in 2005. Lee’s My Toxic Baby recently premiered at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. In 2010 Lee released the documentary Badge of Pride, the story of queer cops in Canada. She currently is working on She’s the Mayor, a dramatic series for Vision TV and The Real M*A*S*H for History Television.

Contact Director
Min Sook Lee
115 Palmerston Ave., Toronto, ON, M6J 2J2
Tel: +1 416 603 8333

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Toronto International Film Festival


Anchorage International Film Festival


Guelph Festival of Moving Media

2009 Broadcast in Canada only on Global Television in September 2009.

2009 Badge of Pride
2009 My Toxic Baby



Tiger Spirit

2006 Borderless
2005 Hogtown: The Politics of Policing
2003 El Contrato

Director, Writer, Narrator: Min Sook Lee


Producer: Ed Barreveld


Editor: Ricardo Acosta


Music Composer: Ken Myhr


Camera: Robin Lupita Bain, Iris Ng, John M. Tran


Location Sound: Sanjay Mehta, Jason Milligan


Production Manager: Lisa Valencia-Svensson



From feeding and fussing to poo-poos and boo-boos, new moms and dads have enough to worry about. But with heightened awareness of health risks posed by chemicals used in everyday products, modern parenting is fast becoming a decision-making minefield. Just how far would you go to protect your growing child? As award-winning filmmaker Min Sook Lee discovers in her eye-opening, intimate and wryly funny documentary My Toxic Baby, it’s not so easy going green. With her baby daughter on her hip, Lee embarks on a determined quest to find simple, sane and affordable ways to reduce toxic threats, spurred to action after news reports of toy recalls and plastic baby bottles leaching bisphenol A fill her head with questions. She takes her own body on a detox journey, looks more closely at everyday products and food she buys and even invites an analyst to measure lead levels in her own home—with startling results.

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Director’s Statement

This isn’t an activist story. I’ve made those. This isn’t a news report. You can turn to CNN for the latest update. This is a personal essay that takes you into some of the thoughts that have revolved around my head as I took the journey into green mothering.

Actually strike that. It sounds too precious. How about natural mothering? Even that sounds ridiculously affected. Let’s just say mothering. It means making choices. Sometimes they are consumer choices – buying the organic food if you can afford it, choosing the plastic without phthalates if they are available in the store, and sometimes they are about lifestyle choices – making breastfeeding a priority or just buying less altogether.
My Toxic Baby isn’t a cautionary tale telling you the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’ of healthy parenting. Parents and mothers especially have enough to worry about without yet another voice making them feel inadequate. This is a story to broaden the options available to parents in the context of the chemical world we live in today.