Director: Rafal Skalski
Running time: 51’ - Poland, 2009

Director’s Bio

Rafal Skalski is a film director and a script writer. He was born in 1985 in Warsaw. Currently he is finishing studies at the Film Directing Department of the Lodz Film School. In 2005 he made "Little Wisdom", a documentary film study, and "A Train for Two", a fiction film study. He has worked as a second director on Jarosław Sztandera's film "Luxus" and collaborated with Stanisław Różewicz on "Gdzie zabawki tamtych lat". Skalski has won the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and Higher Education.

Contact Director
Rafal Skalski
Chroscickiego 44/33 02-421 Warszawa
Tel: 0048 507979401

Festival-Screenings - Awards

6th planet Doc review Film Festival

2010 Play with me
2009 The lovers

So that there’s nothing


52 percent

2005 Little wisdoms

Director, Scriptwriter: Rafal Skalski


Photographer: Maciej Kaliński, Jakub Giza


Editor: Marek Skrzecz


Sound effect: Maciej Kaliński


Music Operator: Michał Marecki



Disability remains a taboo in our society. Many avoid interactions with the disabled as they are uncertain how to behave in their company. In reality, however, the differently-abled share the same dreams, desires, needs and aspiration like us. Characters portrayed in Rafał Skalski’s documentary are people who despite their limitations celebrate life at its best. Instead of avoiding daily problems, they find courage to challenge them. All characters have someone. Wheelchair-bound Krzyś plans his life with differently-abled Ola, whereas sight-impaired Grzegorz and disabled Ania cannot image their life spent apart. “He is my legs and I am his eyes,” says Ania. Five-year old Wiktoria is the fruit of love of the mobility-challenged Ela and her fully-abled husband, Rafał. Characters fail to feel different or inferior. They openly invite the audience to explore the intimate world of their male-female relationships.

World sales
Marlena Tomala
HBO Poland Sp. z o.o.
Puławska 17, 02-515 Warsaw
Tel: 00 48 22 852 88 00

Director’s Statement

A documentary about love, friendship, and sexuality. The heroes of the film love each other, argue with each other, talk about sexual problems. They are different from other only because they are limited by their bodies – they are physically disabled. With openness they invite the viewer into their intimate world.