Love and the art of giving

Director: Simon Eugene
Running time: 61’ - India, UK,

Director’s Bio

Simon Eugene is a music producer. He has produced several albums and live events. In 2004 he founded the band The International Love Corporation and recorded the album Experimental Shape of Happiness. Ιn 2005 he embarked on filming documentary on subject of Love, travelling extensively throughout India. Today he works as in house music producer and film editor for Wendyhouse Productions, in London.

Director, Camera, Producer: Simon Eugene


Editor: Simon Eugene, Paul Griffiths


Music: Simon Eugene, George Christie, Mark Liebeskind



In November 2007 song writer & film maker Simon Eugene went to India in search of renowned spiritual leader and Yoga guru Swami Satyananda, founder of the Bihar School of Yoga, to try to interview him for a documentary he was making on the subject of love. With Satyananda having long retreated into isolation, Simon was assured by most people that his task was an impossible one. But he managed to meet him and was then invited off on a magical tangent, to stay longer and film a record of an ancient, holy tantric festival that was taking place in the ashram. The Sat Chandi Mahayajna.

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Director’s Statement

The film is an attempt to convey in the most honest way possible a magical journey, completely unplanned, that I undertook to find Satyananda, and with it to convey the essence of what his philosophies stand for in a way that is accessible to all.

As a first attempt at film making the editing process took me deep into this festival and was an incredible learning experience, not just on a filmic level but on a spiritual level too. I hope what I have produced has done justice to the subject matter. From the responses I have had thus far I have to say that it is the most creatively rewarding experience of my life.