Life is awesome

Director: Tadeusz Król
Running time: 52’ - Poland, 2009

Director’s Bio

Tadeusz Król was born in 1963, in Łódź. He studied Polish Filology at University of Łódź and theater studies at the Theater Academy in Warsaw. Under his formal management several productions were created in TVP. He also introduced a new series of his own idea: “Inne spojrzenie – Filmowka” (40 films), cooperation with youngest Polish directors. He also managed the production of series “Dyktatorzy” and several important documentaries, that won prizes at many international festivals.

Contact Director
Tadeusz Król
ul. J. Słowackiego 38/46/17a 01-634 Warszawa
Tel: 0048 0 668381002

Festival-Screenings - Awards

6th planet Doc review Film Festival

2009 Life is a Awesome
2009 Recruited Love

Circle Parents


Barber’s hand

1999 Τhe Futurists, The Formists, New Ar
1998 With All One’s Strength
1997 Magician
1995 Genius

Screenwriter, Director:  Tadeusz Król


Producer: Sowa Film


Photos, Light:  Andrzej Wojciechowski


Sound: Michał Muzyka


Music:  Dżeljilji Agim



2 years following her son’s tragic death Teresa Anielak sets out on a quest to find the recipient of her son’s heart which she donated shortly after he was declared brain-dead. The task is not easy since Poland’s official policy regarding organ donation protects the identity of both the recipients and the donor. Alongside her story we see and hear the emotionally charged stories and thoughts of several heart recipients and families who donated organs of their tragically deceased loved ones. Fragments of a real life heart transplant operation are inserted into the film as illustration to the stories and allow the viewer to witness this miraculous procedure from start to finish.

World sales
Marlena Tomala
HBO Poland Sp. z o.o.
Puławska 17, 02-515 Warsaw
Tel: +48 22 852 88 00

Director’s Statement

The film is a record of intimate conversations with people who live with a transplanted heart. They talk about the disease and fear before transplantation. However, the biggest and most difficult challenge is the life with another human heart. After all, someone had to die, so that they could live. On the other hand we hear the voice of families of donors. It is the voice of pain, longing, and the difficult decisions to agree to take organs from the closest related person.

One of the film's characters, decides to find a man to whom her son's heart was donated...