Facing Anorexia

Directors: Mike Wennekes, Jessica Villerius
Running time: 60’ - The Netherlands,

Director’s Bio
It was in 2004 that Jessica (1981) was struck by the tv-virus. She began working as a journalist and editor for several programs at SBS6, one the largest commercial networks in The Netherlands. In 2007 she started her own production company, Posh Productions. Her first documentary ‘Roots of Evil – Word from Dutroux’ was internationally broadcasted. After that she made a portrait about soccer international Glenn Helder, in which he tells her all about his mistakes in life, of which one lead him to jail. The film was nominated for 'Best dutch documentary 2008' by IDFA. She and her team made two films about Anorexia Nervosa (which lead to changes in the medical system) and 'Crossing the line': a film about the effects and prevention of bullying at school. For this film Jessica brought the world famous Challenge Day method to the Netherlands. The documentary was nominated for an Educational Award.

Contact Director
Jessica Villerius
E-mail: jessica.villerius@poshproductions.nl

Directors: Mike Wennekes, Jessica Villerius


Executive Producer: Jessica Villerius


Camera: Ferenc Lorch


Sound: Martien van Viegen


Editor: Joyce Boverhuis


Editor in chief: Frank Stojansek



A confronting look at the world of anorexics. 11 year old Tessa has been fighting anorexia since she was 7. Her condition went undiagnosed for years because doctors thought she was too young to have an eating disorder. In this emotional film, Tessa and other sufferers open up to the cameras as we follow them through their treatment. They describe becoming addicted to pro-anorexia websites, being too weak to walk and how every day has become a battle for survival. We also hear from their families on the impact of living with anorexia.

World sales
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Java Films
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Tel: 00 33 1 40 60 26 22
E-mail: sophie@javafilms.fr

Director’s Statement

‘I made this film hoping it would give people a better insight in the deadly disease Anorexia Nervosa. Struggling with it myself for more than a decade, I knew that there is very little we know about it. People around you really don’t know anything about the war that’s going on in your head when you’re suffering from Anorexia. They think it’s all about attention or just dying to be thin. It’s not. With this film I gave Anorexia a face and a name, hopefully to shake the world awake: it’s here and it kills people. You will not find the words ‘kilo’ or ‘weight’ in it: simply because Anorexia is not about the weight. It’s about control. In The Netherlands, the medical system is going to be adjusted because of the film and the documentary is also a part of study equipment on several medical studies.