Coloring their winter

Director: Arlette Girardot
Running time: 52’ - France, 2008

Director’s Bio

Arlette Girardot has been directing documentaries since 1997. She has made films about her life, politics, economic country life and portraits. She has also been the DP of most of her films, as well as other documentaries and television programs. She has taught in numerous workshops about writing and directing documentaries and fiction. She lives in Paris.

Contact Director
Arlette Girardot
123 rue du chemin vert,
75 011 Paris
Tel: +33 (0) 1 48 05 72 21

Festival-Screenings - Awards

KTO french TV


Festival PSY de Lorquin (France)

2009 Élise dairy 
2008 Charles’ Promesses

Colouring their winter 


Welcome to Stephan 

2005 Three days in winter
2003 Something very précious….
2001 Eldorado of Plastic
2000 Melilla, Europ up against the wall 
1997 Diary of expulsion…

Written, Directed, Filmed : Arlette Girardot


Editing: Mary Stephen


Mix: Guennégan


Sound engineer: Denis Guilhem



The daily lives of artists in a retirement home. They are still driven by the compulsion to create. Jane is an 85 year old painter who has resumed painting with a passion, after a barren period where she felt “exiled from herself”. She meets Max, a handsome and well respected American animator whose memory is deteriorating and together they have embarked on a narrative project. Stella is a sculptor who will soon reach her 100th birthday. Through the sense of touch in her own fragile hands, she re-experiences the creative journey, caressing the outlines of one of her own pieces. Monsieur Schneider, a sculptor who has now lost his sight, re-encounters the sensuality of form and shape through listening to music and poetry. His friend, Madame Mairigny, is a pianist who plays each day for him, for herself and sometimes for the other residents in the artists’ home, where they are all “staying” for their final stage of life.

World sales
Arnaud Boland
5ème Planète
149 avenue du Maine 75014 Paris
Tel: 0175509201/0662826505

Director’s Statement

Sometimes I think about the days when I will have to live my life without being able to film: will it mean a life without creativity or imagination? When and how will that happen? Will it be my aged body which will no longer be able to respond or will it be my mind which begins to falter first? Or will it be something even more serious – a complete loss of enthusiasm or passion? As a film-maker, I realise that the practice of my art is not actually a choice or even just a profession – it’s a visceral need. The personal accounts of these artists who are living out their final years still clutching on to their creative instinct is both thought-provoking and inspirational.