Across the river

Director: Duki Dror
Running time: 60’ - Israel, 2009

Director’s Bio

Born in Tel Aviv and educated at UCLA and Columbia College in Chicago, Duki Dror is a critically-acclaimed filmmaker. The first film that he made as an undergraduate student Sentenced to Learn (1993) has premiered at the Pompidou Center in Paris in a retrospective “20’s through the 90’s – history of American Documentary”. Since then, Dror has made almost 20 films that deal with issues of migration, identity and displacement.

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Duki Dror

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Jerusalem International Film Festival

2007 Side walk
2005 The Journey of Vaan Nguyen

Mr Cortisone Happy Days


Raging Dove

Director: Duki Dror


Producer:  Yael Shavit, Duki Dror


Cinematographer: Philippe Bellaiche


Editor: Hadara Oren


Original Music: Frank Ilfman


Sound designer: Itzik Cohen JUNGLE SOUND





In January 1996, the tense relationship between the Israeli establishment and the newly arrived Ethiopian community, exploded in a traumatic event, known as the "Blood Affair". Today, with a rising HIV prevalence, the community suffers even greater discrimination. "Across the River" tells the remarkable story of Moshe Rahamim (Tesgau Mahari) - one of the first to arrive in Israel from Ethiopia, who now feels that the responsibility for the entire community falls on his shoulders. He sets on a one-man rescue mission to save his community from AIDS. This new film by acclaimed director Duki Dror is a startling documentary about how a growing health problem turns into a daunting socio-political crisis.

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Director’s Statement

I met Moshe as I was producing a story on an Ethiopian HIV patient. At first sight, nothing in this man gives a clue of his incredible story. Slowly I realized that this man is on a mission, a mission to save his community. I wondered, what motivates this person who has no political or public aspirations to take on such a great and genuine responsibility for the life of the whole community? Is it a burden he carries from childhood? I asked myself these questions many times throughout the shooting, knowing only by intuition that there is something hidden but very special in Moshe. His mission and his journey to cross back to his village, as well as my journey to understand the hero of my film, became the story of ACROSS THE RIVER.