A deadly dilemma

Director: Juul Bovenberg
Running time: 52’ - The Netherlands, 2009

Director’s Bio

Juul Bovenberg (1972) studied Documentary and Production at the Dutch Film and Television Academy (NFTVA) in Amsterdam. She graduated in 1994 and has made several documentaries since then. Her documentaries are characterized by intimacy while still dealing with larger societal themes. With the VPRO series ‘Veldpost’ she won the prestigious ‘Nipkowschijf’. Her ‘Looking for Loedertje’ won a scenario competition and the film was nominated for the Dutch Academy Award. ‘Laura is my father’ was nominated at the Cinekid Festival. ‘Ida’, ‘Haalweide’, ‘Laura is my father’, ‘Sammy’, ‘The Dunning Brothers’ and ‘Nest Clingers’ were selected at several film festivals.

Contact Director
Juul Bovenberg
Van Hallstraat 52, 1051 HH, Amsterdam
E-mail: casjuul@xs4all.nl

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Dutch TV channel VPRO

2009 A Deadly Dilemma
2008 Nest Clingers

The Dunning Brothers


Laura is my father

2002 Looking for Loedertjes
1998 Haagse Klasse
1998 Yoy
1998 Bashir
1996 Haalweide
1997 Veldpost
1996 The camping
1994 Ida

Director:  Juul Bovenberg


Director of Photography:  Joost van Herwijnen, Jaap Veldhoen, Martijn van Beenen, Nicole Batteké, Jelle Odé


Sound: Eric Leek, Joris van Ballegoijen, Fokke van Saane, Jillis Schriel, Otto Horsch


Editor: Rinze Schuurman, Jurjen Blick


Music: David van der Heijden


Sound editor: Klink -Paul Gies





In A Deadly Dilemma, three GPs are followed during the preparations for and the sequel to performing euthanasia on one of their patients. The film examines the "paradox" which is often experienced by doctors surrounding euthanasia; in rational terms, they consider it a reasonable option, yet they still feel resistance because killing someone is not a natural act for a doctor. Euthanasia confronts doctors with their own emotions, beliefs and their views on life and death.

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The Netherlands
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Director’s Statement

The idea for the film came when someone in the family of Juul Bovenberg needed euthanasia. At that point she was not thinking about the general practitioner but about her family and herself, until it was over. She wondered how he would feel. Bovenberg: “The feelings of the general practitioner are not paid close attention to, they hide behind their white coats.” Juul Bovenberg is especially curious if she can change the idea that people, who do not agree with euthanasia, have. “I hope that I can contribute to some change. This also counts for the countries apart from The Netherlands. Because there, the idea exists that in The Netherlands, you can order death.”