A boy called Alex

Director: Stephen Walker
Running time: 49’ - UK, 2009

Director’s Bio

Stephen Walker has directed 24 films for both the BBC and Channel 4, including Young@Heart, a documentary feature film about an American chorus of pensioners who sing rock music. Stephen was voted by the industry as one of the UK's top ten television directors of 2008, according to Broadcast magazine. Stephen has also written two books, King of Cannes in 2001 and most recently Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima in 2005.

Contact Director
Stephen Walker
4th floor, Threshold and Union house,
65-69 Shepherd’s Bush Green, London, w12 8qe
Tel: +44 (0)20 8743 7733
E-mail: Stephen.walker@walkergeorgefilms.co.uk

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Channel 4, UK


Winner of Bulldog Award  for Best Documentary


Royal Television Society Craft Award for Best Photography and Sound

2009 Nominated for BAFTAs Best Documentary, Best Director (Stephen Walker) and Best Editing (Ben Stark)

Nominated for Royal Television Society Best Documentary January


Nominated for Broadcast Best Documentary

2009 Alex: A passion for life
2009 A boy called Alex: the concert

Young at heart


Brothers and sisters in love

2008 George Melly’s last stand

Director: Stephen Walker


Producer: Sally George


Editor: Simon Battersby, Ben Stark


Sound: Paul Cameron, Alex Mardsen, Jo Bartlett, John Crossland


Camera: Stephen Walker, Dave Bennett, Roger Chapman, Graham Smith, Simon Fuller, Patti Musicaro



The extraordinary story of Alex Stobbs, a 16 year old musical prodigy at Eton. Alex has cystic fibrosis, a disease which is destroying his lungs and could kill him at any time. Now his one ambition is to conduct Bach’s epic choral work, The Magnificat. The film follows Alex over two months as he attempts to reach his goal. Despite nearly dying twice in the process, nothing, not even his lungs, will get in his way.

World sales
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Tel: +44 (0) 7494 5790

Director’s Statement

The first moment I set eyes on Alex Stobbs I knew I had come face to face with one of the most extraordinary characters I'd ever filmed. Not only because he was a musical prodigy, a brilliant sixteen year old schoolboy who astonished all his teachers with his gifts, but also because of his even greater gift for life. Here was a boy who was extremely ill, suffering from cystic fibrosis, a disease of the lungs which could kill him at any time. And yet his spirit, his drive, his sheer determination to make as much as he could of his life and allow nothing to get in the way, was exhilarating.