The idiot cycle

Director: Emmanuelle Schick Garcia
Running time: 96’ - UK, France, 2009

Director’s Bio

Emmanuelle Schick Garcia was born in the south of France to a Spanish mother and a Canadian father. At eighteen Garcia earned a scholarship to the University of California, where she received her B.A. in Art History. Following her undergraduate studies, she was accepted to the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television, earning an M.F.A. in Directing/Film Production.
Garcia is a member of the Canadian experimental band Japanese Pop Songs, a twice elected city council member in France, was a world ranked swimmer at the age of 15, a university journalist, and a UCLA swim team captain and mentor. She does not belong to any political party, environmental organization, or religion. She does not own a car, TV, microwave, clothes dryer, personal cell phone or dishwasher. She currently lives in Paris, France.

Contact Director
Emmanuelle Schick Garcia
6 rue Pierre Haret, Pari 75009

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Nominated Best Documentary, Roma Independent Film Festival


Best Documentary, New York Independant Film & Vidio Festival


Best Documentary, UCLA Spotlight Awards


Audience Award, Bio Reykjavik Festival


International Women’s Film festival in Seoul


Mary Pickford Award for Excellence in documentary filmmaking


American Motion Picture Association Award

2009 The Idiot Cycle
2007 20 Ans "Deja"

Director: Emmanuelle Schick Garcia


Editor: Yaël Bitton


Camera: Jean Marc Abela, Florian Geyer


Sound Recordists: Timothée Alazraki, Wil Masisak


Sound Mixing: David Dahan, Joseph Guigui


Producers: Emmanuelle Schick Garcia, Laïla Tahhar





The same chemical companies who produce cancer‐causing chemicals (chemicals do not require health testing before they are licensed), are also invested in and develop cancer treatments, the most profitable disease on earth. Now these same chemical companies have lobbied against the long term health testing of their new invention ‐ genetically modified crops.
Do these foods cause cancer? Watch The Idiot Cycle unravel.

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Director’s Statement

Why are we being used as guinea pigs?