The genius and the boys

Director: Bosse Lindquist
Running time: 84 ’ - Sweden, 2009

Director’s Bio

Bosse Lindquist, born in 1954, is a Swedish radio and TV producer and writer who is head of the national radio broadcaster Swedish Radio’s Documentary Department since 2007. He has been a producer of documentaries and an author since 1988. A number of documentaries and books has been translated and broadcast in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Contact Director
Bosse Lindquist
Sveriges Radio, SE-105 10 Stockholm
Tel: +468 784 0000

Festival-Screenings - Awards

Prix Europa

2000 Prix Europa in Berlin
1999 Ikarosprize

Association of Swedish Investigative Journalists prize

1998 Prix Italia 1998
1997 Vilhelm Moberg grant

  The genius and the boys

Mechanics of Live


The Rebels


Swedish Eugenics


Bring the Jews Last


The Silence of Phnom Penh

Director: Bosse Lindquist

Editor: Bernhard Winkler  
Camera: Gunnar Källström, FSF, Sven Lindahl, Ellen Kugelberg, Erik Vallsten, Simon Pramsten, Kim Batterham, Andreas Lennartsson  
Producer: Jonas Kellagher  
Audio mix: Lars Heleander  



Dr Carleton Gajdusek won the Nobel Prize (1976) for the discovery of Prions – the particles that would emerge as the cause of Mad Cow disease – while working with a cannibal tribe on New Guinea.
Over his years working amongst the tribes of the South Seas, he adopted 57 kids, bringing them to a new life in Washington DC. His adoptions were hailed as wonderful fatherly beneficence. But, at the height of his career, rumours began to spread he was a pedophile.

He was arrested in USA and he was convicted for having sex with his foster son. After having served time he was welcomed to work and live in Amsterdam by the University of Amsterdam, where he stayed up till his death 2008. In the IDFA selected documentary “The Genius and the Boys” Gajdusek himself argues that if sex with children was okay in their own cultures, he wasn’t wrong to join in.

World sales
Susanne Reich
Swedish Television, SVT
KH3-O, SE-105 10 Stockholm
+468 784 0000

Director’s Statement

This striking and powerful documentary explores the limits of insight and the power of self-delusion, through one of the century’s true geniuses – a man prepared to defy convention and challenge people’s most cherished beliefs, a man whose scientific brilliance seemed to blind many to his extraordinary personal failings.