Stretch Marks

Director: Zohar Wagner
Running time: 67 ’ - Israel, 2009

Director’s Bio

She was born in Israel in 1970. Since 1999 until present, Zohar Wagner is directing documentary films and documentary and investigative series for the Israeli Television. Since 2005 , Zohar Wagner is leading a rock band "Zohar Wagner and the stinkies". Their debut album was chosen by many music critics as best album of the year 2008 in Israel. From 1993 up to 2003 she has worked as a journalist for Israel’s magazines and newspapers. She has studied Film and Philosophy studies in New-York and she has M.A. in Film studies at Tel Aviv University.

Contact Directors
Zohar Wagner
3 Smats blv. Tel Aviv
62009, Israel
Tel: +972-3-6055023

2010 Nominee: Estonian People’s Award: Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival - Estonia
2010 Visions du Réel International Film Festival, Nyon - Switzerland
2010 Delray Beach Film Festival, Florida - USA
2010 Gender DocuFilm Festival, Rome - Italy
2010 Doc Aviv International Documentary Film Festival - Israel
2010 RIDM Montréal International Documentary Film Festival - Canada

2009 Stretch Marks
2006 Zorki
Director, Producer, Cinematographer: Zohar Wagner  
Script: Tal Rabiner, Zohar Wagner  
Editor: Tal Rabiner  
Researcher: Ruthy Weil  
Sound Designer: Alex Claude  
Music: Zohar Wagner and the stinky ones  




This highly revealing self documentation follows a pregnant, single woman, provocative performance artist into the club, the living room, the bedroom and even beyond. Director Zohar Wagner (''Zorki'') films herself and talks about how she got pregnant by one man, fell in love with another and celebrates her rising sexuality up until the day she gave birth. But when her baby is born, with the blessing came a curse: the luscious boobs and the man she loved both disappeared. An unusual show-and-tell about pregnancy and its aftermath.

World sales
JMT Films Distribution - Michael Treves
20 Bialik st., 63324 Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel/Fax: 972-3-525 4782
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Director’s Statement

I will be very glad if I can encourage other women to own their dreams. To yearn, to fantasize, to live out their dreams. We live in a society that encourages men to realize themselves. Men will go to call girls, buy Viagra and purchase expensive memberships to porn sites. They will live out their passions, even of it costs them.
Women, on the other hand, are left with the passion to raise children. Social structures have women believing that they can only realize themselves through motherhood. When we dare want more, we feel guilty for being bad mothers.
During my pregnancy I came to realize that a pregnant woman is considered to be saint-like. Just for that reason I wanted to perform with my band in nightclubs and dance exotic dances while being barely dressed.
I find it easier to deal with these questions as an artist. After all, inside, I too am a little puritanical, scared woman.