Queen of condoms

Directors: Silvana Ceschi, Reto Stamm
Running time: 76 ’ - Switzerland, Ireland, 2008

Director’s Bio

Born in Zurich on 21 July 1966 and trained as a journalist at the Swiss School of Journalism (MAZ) in Lucerne. She soon dreamed of telling her stories in pictures and sounds as well and she learned the craft of filmmaking as an intern at Swiss Television, acted as assistant director on a number of documentaries and attended courses at the Drehbuchwerkstatt Niedersachsen, the documentary master school at the Filmwerkstatt Münster, and the Binger Documentary Directors’ Coaching Programme in Amsterdam.

Reto Stamm was born in 1967 and lives in Zurich.
He spent several years working in the electronics industry and then pursued history and film studies at Zurich University.
Since 1998 he has acquired hands-on expe¬rience on TV and film productions in sound and postproduction, as well as documentary directing. Since 2002 he has worked on his own projects and attended several documentary direction, postproduction and sound design courses and seminars, including the DokWerkstatt Bern (2001), the documentary master school at the Filmwerkstatt Münster (2004), and the Binger Documentary Directors’ Coaching Programme (Amsterdam 2005).

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Reto Stamm
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Silvana Ceschi
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  Silvana Ceschi
2008 La Reina del Condón 
2003 Los Van Van in Zürich
2004 The Last Wall
2003 Civis
Reto Stamm
2008 La Reina del Condón
2002 Muridi aus Zürich
2000 No Man‘s Land

Written, Directed: Silvana Ceschi, Reto Stamm


Director of Photography: Enzo Brandner


Editor: Úna Ni Dhonghaíle


Assistant Director: Roland Thomman


Music: Roberto Ceschi Tobias Schweizer


Producers: Karin Koch, David Rane, Werner Schweizer Samir



«La Reina del Condón» is a film about German-born Monika Krause, who caused a sensation in Cuba as the country’s first state sex educator.
Soon after the Cuban revolution Monika Krause, falls in love with Jesús Jiménez, a Cuban captain. She sails to Cuba with him and starts to mix in the highest circles of the revolution. A few years later she gains nationwide fame as state sex educator and she becomes known as the «Reina del Condón» – the Queen of the Condom. After her marriage fell apart, following the fall of the Berlin Wall, she flees Cuba with her two sons at the end of 1990 and returns to Germany.
Fifteen years later, and Monika Krause still devotes a large part of her life to Cuba. She neither can nor wants to return to the island. However, her sons Daniel and Dictys travel back there on her behalf. Do the Cuban people remember their «Reina del Condon»?

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Director’s Statement

Like so many other Europeans, we felt drawn to Cuba and have never been able to shake off that attraction. Hence our interest in Monika Krause’s life story. We had already known that she was one of the first Europeans to give way to her fascination for all things Cuban by going to Havana and living there for almost 30 years. We then discovered that she had heralded the sexual revolution into Cuba. Our curiosity was by now fully awakened. We were amazed that a German, of all people, could have been responsible for something as daring as this on that Caribbean island. Our amazement did not lessen when, a few weeks later, we found ourselves in her presence in North Germany: Monika Krause, who comes across as a wiry intellectual, was grinning broadly when she admitted having been Cuba’s Reina del Condón – Queen of the Condom.