Head Cold

Director: Gamma Bak
Running time: 92’ - Germany, 2010

Director’s Bio

Gamma Bak was born in 1965, in Germany. She studied film at the Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), Center for the Arts in the Mid-80's. Now, she lives in Berlin and works as a director and producer.

Contact Director
Gamma Bak
Luckauer Str.3
10969 Berlin
Tel: + 49 30 614 9315
E-mail: gammabak@t-online.de

Festival-Screenings - Awards
2010 Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival), Section: Forum of New Cinema
2010 Head cold
2009 Born unfinished
1997 About  Walter  Benjamin
1994 A woman and her double-bass
1992 East...west...home’s best
1989 Summer of innovative film  

Director, Producer: Gamma Bak


Co-Producers: Edit Koszegi, András Surányi – Digipost Kft


Camera: Dieter Vervuurt, Ulrike Solbrig, Volker Langhoff, Christopher Rowe, Nyika Jancso, Neil Thompson


Sound: Manuel Wilhelm, Andrea Geiselhart


Editing: Szilvia Ruszev

Mix: Till Wimmer  
Music: Arnold Dreyblatt, Sean Scruff Newton, Felix Lajko  


HEAD COLD is a personal long-term observational documentary about psychosis, still a tabooed topic. It follows my attempt to return to a "normal" life – since the mid-90s I had several psychotic breakdowns, which were treated in mental hospitals. The film was shot over 5 years and also uses my personal archives since 1992.

What happened to me is not just revealing on an individual level. It reveals at which points the emancipation from the stigma caused by this illness can occur. My own story is both incentive and the example. Using filmic means, it recounts the struggle of being confronted by a psychic illness right up to the stage when one has reached normalcy once again and the loneliness of being solely responsible for one’s condition.


World sales
German Distribution: GMfilms, Berlin
GMfilms Michael Höfner,
Varziner Straße 3, 12159 Berlin,
Tel 0 30 8 51 98 61, Fax 0 30 8 59 34 23

Canadian Distribution: Moving Images, Vancouver
Moving Images Distribution
402 West Pender Street, Suite 606
Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6 CANADA
Web Site: www.gmfilms.de / www.movingimages.ca

Director’s Statement

Work on the project began in the summer of 2001; the DV archive of materials consisting of the self-interviews, the conversations as well as the video letters from my family and friends began as of spring 2002. My self-interviews work according to the "onion principle": layer by layer, I get to a new level of knowledge.

The driving force of the project is the unique perspective that arises from the combination of my position as a filmmaker and the person afflicted. I can use my craft to palpably convey a highly individual insight into the world of psychotic suffering. The subjective approach to the topic seems a necessity to me, even if it was initially very difficult for me to "out" myself.