Director: Yuri Nomura
Running time: 78 ’ - Japan, 2009

Director’s Bio

“Eatrip” is the directorial debut of food coordinator, creator and teacher, Yuri Nomura. She was born and raised in Tokyo, in 1971. After she graduated from Gakushuin University, she moved to UK, until 1998, where she studied at Leith Cooking School. In 1999 she came back to Tokyo, where she started a catering team, “eatrip”.

Contact Director
Yuri Nomura
3F 3-25-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Toky
Japan 150-0001
Tel: +81-3-5771-3566

2009 Documentaries of the World section of the Montreal World Film Festival
2009 Vancouver International Film Festival
2009 Le Festival International du Film d'Environnement
2010 Barcelona Asian Film Festival
Director: Yuri Nomura  
Director of photography: Takahiro Imai  
Μusic: Takuji Aoyagi  
Sound: Nobuyuki Kikuchi  
Εditor: Yuji Oshige  
Producer: Naoki Kai  




"Eatrip" is a wonderful consideration of people and food. Try it! You'll like this delectable morsel, this jovial dinner time, this lovely nibble at the link between people and food. To eat is indeed to live. Life is just an "eating trip" (eatrip). “Eatrip” is the directorial debut of food coordinator, creator and teacher, Yuri Nomura. “Eatrip” explores the interpersonal relationships that food nurtures. To eat is a universal experience and this documentary takes the audience on a journey throughout Japan looking at how life can be led optimally through the daily ritual of eating.

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Director’s Statement

Eating - a common non-verbal bond between people. A momentary relationship between mankind and food. We captured this on film. Food is “common to all people”. Sometimes it has a more persuasive power than words. We can understand a lot just by having a meal together. “Eatrip” is not about the physical distance travelled, but the relationships in and around food. It is the sharing of time, experience, memories and coexistence.